Tribute to the Chrysler Building

The Chrysler Building exerts a similar magnetic force on Farmer Bart Brassica as the Eiffel Tower. (see The Tell Tale Tower) Naturally, given his antipathy to travel,  Bart has never seen the Chrysler Building, except once when a postcard of it was accidentally stuck in a poultry catalogue and arrived in his mail box, when it was addressed to his neighbour, Mrs Elvira Egg [more usually known as Granny Egg].

Bart decided to build his own tribute version based on this recollection of the Chrysler, using fancy tins he has reclaimed from  his Tin Pan Alley and art deco dress epaulets from the various things he says mother left in the Trousers Box. The Trouser Box is a contentious item, Frank Winkler has told Bart that he has misheard and it is a Treasure Box, and as such State Property,.  Mavis Eggwhistle, says 'Trouseau, Bart , Trouseau'  to which Bart replied, 'So True'.

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