Keirle Park, I Sing the Body Electric

Mr Brassica and a Family Heirloom

Rhubarb and the value of repetition

Stalwart Mr Farmhand tends to the weekend chores

In Praise of Dioramas -The American Museum of Natural History

The perils of bike parking

Winter light and Monochrome In Prussian Blue

Mr Farmhad prunes the Bamboo Grove

Tin Top Hat, Tin Specs, Tin Bonnet, Tin Candelabra & The Virtue of the Small Museum

Mr Farmhand stops for coffee and a sfogliatelle

If the Palm Fits Sennelier's Sepia Naturale

When the Stars are made of gelatine

Frank Confession of Colour Additives

Mr Farmhand at work in the Instant Polenta Fields

Keirle Park, February 2011 - First Visit for 2011

The Secret Mini Series of Frost

Snow, Birds of a Feather and St. Frances

Snow, Lichen, Fossil Pear

Vase-o Dilation

Macau-Elsewhere Project - front and back

Mr Farmhand

More Monkey Bar business iin New York

Monkey Bar, New York

The Slushy Arts - aka Valentine's Day

Three Cheers for the White Rabbit (Gallery that is)

Mr Midas's Dream of Peanuts

Keirle Park, December, 2010, Bike with Basket & the First Monday of Summer

Keirle Park. November 2010- The is not a Half-Pipe or more correctly "cesi n'est pas une demi-pipe"