Winging It - Christmas Decs

Tickled Pink - The Roseate Lane

Rock Legs - Seat Yourself by the Bow River

Canada-ing: Maple de Jour

The Larder Spruce or Squirrelling Away

Deer Me

Afternoon's Reversal of Morning's Clouds

A Fish-ancy - Best Manhole Cover in Vancouver

East meets West - Orienteering at Stanley Park

Pre-Pixelated in a Whalish Way

Granville Bridge's Curlicues and Berries

Casaurina -Upscale and Down

Take Two Cymbidiums, A Cup of Water and A Conical Flask

Where there's Smoke - Or Why I Need a Dyson Hair Dryer

Select Episodes from The Mr Farmhand Series - A Real Collectors Item

A Gulf Containing Carpentaria

Shovel Trove - Sturm and Strang at Balmoral

In Good Company - or Ned's your Uncle

Gashapon Conference

Gingko and Cockatiel Fabrications

Carrot Umbrellas and Sonny Angel Bunny Boy

The Bedside Table - or Damaclese's Reading Stack

Subsidence in Suds

A Knit Bomb of Rodin's The Thinker?

A Bug's Life o La Vida de La Cucuracha

Radiating Style

Examples of Foreverness

Whiter Shades of Classic Moves

Mrs Woo's Adverse Possession of Brass Acres

A Sign of Persistently Good Manners

Bus Stop Self -Playing Piano

Mount Yohtei - Volcano with Ice

Wearing Winter Whites

Man Under Board -Voila Another Cover

Cosplay Beau Peeps

Play Sydney for Me

Winging It - Ray-son de etre

Salt Crust Sunset

Museum Pieces -The Man on the Bus

Manifestations at the Studio Ghibli Museum

Goldilocks Planets -An Egg Sample

Starfish Dance Moves