Well, Well - Wellingtons and Gallons of Galoshes - BluesFest Feet Feature

Wellingtons have  force majeur at the Blues Fest's Tygarah Fields, rendering it something of Waterloo, [which rhymes with Portaloo, and here rubber souls come into their own].

How to pick a favourite ?The self-styled numbers, the black with the Betty Boop decal and the coded ones named '2' and 'L' and 'R', and those green ones with the red bows are all contenders, though the pairs of polka dots and the hound's toothish black and white jobs have definite sang froid. There is, literally, something humbling about taking a decent photo of a pair of galoshes, the trick being to go down on one knee, carefully clearing the mud.

And, On Dancing, even on the spot, in wellies, they may be flexible but they just don't give.