Boatique-ing: In the Ponderings - Episode 1

Grate Minds - Floored Wonders

Pudding on the Mix - A Trap for New Players

Reflective Agregations on Agapanthus

An Everlasting Corsage

Barn Wrangling

Doubling Up on Double Peonies

A Room with a View - Phoenix Canariensis

Cross Purposes - Shocking Hazard in Suburbs

Old Shades for Sale - Bart Brassica and the Door to Door Salesman

Non Persona Non Grata

Three Scenes from Tanpopo

Lagoon-Wise - Keirle Park's Framed View

Mysterious Mr Brassica shaped space found

In Fine Mettle - Hatching a Good Understory

Torch Songs - Melusine Moments of Illumination

Sidelining Tuesday at Keirle Park

Tea Tree Blossom Season at Keirle Park

Fastest Moving Geologic Formation

Picnic without lightning

Late Additions of Figures to the Keirle-scape

Infra Dig - Two's Company, Four's Annoying

Dust Jacketed - A Great Catch Up In Blue

The Art of Reading & All Good Things Must End

Wednesday is the New Monday - Back to Keirle Park

Great Thoughts Aloft - The Industrialisation of the Mind

Grey is the New Black - Lunch Scene at Tan Popo

New, Next, Now - Unpacking Kaldor at the Art Gallery of NSW

Zeppelined Again or The Bang at The End of the World

Paper Moons & Menus : Sketchy Characters at Tan Popo

Negativisation - The too much washing blues

Pole Star - Knitter's Witty Art

To Gild the Crumpet

Nested Nests & The Resting Interloper

Handy Hank & The Old School Skiis

Farmer Brassica's Ethel Merman Moment

Green-grey leaves, white-green gumnuts - the compact architecture of vases

Black Board Singing in the Early Night

Water Under the Bridge - Keirle Park 's out and back walk.

The Leaf Measure Axiom

Three Views Towards Kosciusko

Farmer Bart : Arch Fruit Arborist