Black Board Singing in the Early Night

At our regular weekday or Sunday night dining spot, Billy Swings on Spit Road, Mosman, the blackboard is centre stage. Are blackboard menus more convivial than paper menus? Each has it's own particular pleasures and pitfalls but the idea that the whole list of foods can be dusted off may make it just that more appealing  with the get-it-while-you-can  sense of dailiness that a chalk board gives. That said I do hope they don't rub off the grilled scallops,with bouidin, pear puree and salty caramelized walnuts anytime soon, or  the silver dory, which feels nearly virtuous resting lightly on its jumble of fresh cauli florets, curls of tender squid and parsley, the lot infused with warm saffron flavours. The new thing which is not on the menu is a tiny cup of intense capsicum soup as a complimentary amuse-bouche. We are amused.

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