Conversion Factors - Shallots Whole/Shallots Sliced

The waiter at Tanpopo,  noticing this sketch of the chef, said "He is a lot scarier than that!"
What is scary for a chef? Eyes like sharp knifes, a temper that leaks like a sieve?  How scary can one get in an open plan kitchen? Setting off on this sketch, I thought I might get in the lovely purple colander ( off stage left) and the bunch of whole shallots on the counter top, the latter  vanished to reappear sliced into rounds -though mysteriously still wearing their white beards.Was this pre-prep prep? I had chai-sui ramen, which was excellent, rich stock and thick slices of well done pork belly. Sadly I over-ordered and  I could not finish my three gyoza with their nicely chilli oily dipping sauce.

Tan Popo is opposite The Oaks '[which I notices is an anagram of Ask Theo] on  Military Road, Neutral Bay, Neutral Bay.

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