A Short Walk in the Old Market Hanoi

Moulded sticky red rice, the colour comes from a cooking the rice with a variety of red 'pumpkin' shown below.

The curcubit culprit in question (see above).

Bamboo shoots, cut various ways, salted, and slightly fermented, so close to the pavement they might be growing out of it
Fine vermicelli style rice noodles, these were so fresh they were still warm.

Very good looking pork, later in the morning I cooked some of this, mincing it for fried rice paper rolls.

Fresh  tofu, a second later half of these were sold.

Beautifully shape and bound chrysanthemum leaves, like a metaphor for a tragic love story.

Kohlrabi, later this was diced finely as part of the filling for the rice paper rolls.
A dish of fresh pipis.

Gloriously marbled quail eggs,

The explanation that these were Clam worms, still mystifies, not just as to how they might be cooked but also as to why would something with legs ( look closely) be called a worm.

The pieces of fish in the dish had been marinated in fresh turmeric.

Two kinds of eggs, these fermented ones rolled in sawdust and straw.

This variety of spinach looked like it could used a salad leaf.