Albion Lane Cafe in Mosman - Viva the byways!

Gecko-nomics - the push me pull you effect of camouflage - or hold on we're in for a bumpy night

Over Winter - Gloves in The Power House Museum

The Piazza Effect = Fourth Village, Mosman

Corona Street- - Writerly preoccupations

The Corsetry of Circumstance - Silk thread and the Melusine @ The Power House Museum

It was a dark and stormy night......with a braised red cabbage, roast pork belly and kipfler potatoes

Water Feature Number 2 - The Pouring Wall

Star Anise - a pointed flavour

Freeze Frame Manga - Issue #1

A Dog's Life

'These rough words and our dead bodies...." Robert Scott in Antarctica

Falling Water, Crouching Bucket

A Brisket, A Braising - Tender Tendoncies & Fondantions

Idle Moments in the Foyer - Cremorne Orpheum - Pre-Tree of Life

Considering mono no aware, paper whites and climbing roses.

Under yon Jonquills - A rare photo of Mavis Eggwhistle

Yam-agges - Yam Eyes & Yam Noses

Pull the Other Gate

The Double Headed Hydro - Courting Wonders of the Tennis World

Night and Day....Wallace-Crabbe and the AM .. A Domestic Sublime

Moments of Transformation: The Bicycle as DIY Art.

The Eiffel Tower, A Tall Tale from Frank Winkler

Tour de France - Soup De Tour

Piscean Signage - Penny Wise Impoundments @ NGV

Tan-popo , Ramenifications