Albion Lane Cafe in Mosman - Viva the byways!

Is it the sense of perchment, the cubby factor, the step away from the mainstreet and mainstream or that cosmopolitan Melbourne thing that makes a laneway cafe so appealing? Though I am a tardy visitor, Albion Lane Cafe perhaps opened six months ago in the eponymous Albion Lane [ or is that the other way round?], Saturday lunch here has a freewheeling sense of casual, the feeling of slipping into neutral gear, as I take in the detail, pondering the resonant ambiguities of the options old bus roller sign ( connects trains?) while dispatching a decent baguette with grilled chicken, bacon, rocket, avocado and aioli (food dipthongs are satisfying in a way no other dipthongs manage). Coffee comes in a stylish green teacup with a curlicue handle - but I am afraid I didn't pay much attention to it, too busy drawing taking in the detail of that Edwardian deja vu dresser- which means it must have been Ok.  Now all they need is for the shop opposite to open as a book shop or chic art gallery and we will have ignition.

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