Tan-popo , Ramenifications

Though it sounds like a Chinese proverb, those who go out with a sketch book will find sketchers. T & I are at 81 Military Road, Neutral Bay   - as you can see by the door number - at Tan- popo, for ramen. In the illustrations you can see an edge of the grilled scallop dish to the left, and T - the concentrating sketcher  straight ahead.  This night the soup broth was just right, rich but not cloying, Tan-popo make the fixture hard boiled egg a ramen 'extra' and there is no pink and white swirl of fish cake. Still this is fine for me, who has been an egg donor in the past and what was the appeal of that pink swirl anyway? 
The trouble with ramen is that I am prone to Proustian moments, a hankering after the at home feeling of Dan Dan, with the glass of their slightly acidic cheap white wine and the ritual visit to Woolies after for random shopping.

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