It was a dark and stormy night......with a braised red cabbage, roast pork belly and kipfler potatoes

Last night, the dark and stormy kind, delivered a real surf to Balmoral Beach, the drama of white water, grey with sand and parts of dark and stormy night. The ferry lights wending like magic across the dark and stormy harbour, the dark headlands  prinked with a storm of small points of light.

  Inside Bathers Cafe all was cosy, my braised pork belly had the perfect crackling curve on top, a baroque pinnacle with the texture of sweet honeycombe ( the confectionary kind), braised red cabbage balanced between melting and holding some texture, a glazed jeursalum artichoke - adding its strange texture and highly strung flavour.  It didn't matter that my adjunct bowl of kipfler potatoes was raided by my husband as there was plenty.  Add to this the grand extravagence of a bottle of Fermot Chardonnay and all those waves, and all is very well with this small part of the world.

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