Egg Sitting Strategy

A while back Bart Brassica fancied himself as a Chicken Scientist, and set out to cross a Black Orpington with a Leghorn to get really large eggs.  The Leghorns avoided Bart to such an extent that one day the whole flock of them walked over to Granny Eggwhistle's place, where she invited them into her hen house. The Orpingtons, laid a few eggs but there were not all that big. Bart had these oversize paper mache eggs built to inspire the hens to greater things. The Orpingtons have cackled about these monoliths amongst themselves, and can still be seen shaking their heads over Farmer Brassica's scheme. 
Mavis Eggwhistle, picking up some eggs from her Granny, said  Bart must have some other motive, to which Granny Eggwhistle, who rarely agrees on principle, concurred, adding that motive was To Make a Fool of Himself.

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