The Well Dressed Pole - Newtown Square

Purple Carrots: Beeta beeta carotena

How to measure Goosebumps ?

Enough to make your ears Keirle - the footy set at Monday training

Dumpling King, Newtown

Cunningham Courtyard, Botanic Gardens, Sketching Class

Ryo' s Ramen Bar , Crows Nest - The Q-Effect?

Rose's Italian Bakery, Flemington, New Jersey

Both Feet on the Ground - Single Hakea

Trace Vegetables

Sunday Night at Billy Swings, Spit Road, Mosman , Duck Two Ways

It's Monday so it Must be Keirle Park, Manly Lagoon.

Sketching Class in the Botanical Gardens - 1st drawing

Waiting at Beauty Point

Wild Horse in the Barrio Alto, Lisbon

Farmer Bart Brassica's floral fiat

Keirle Park. March 2011, Paper Bark Writer

Swimming in the Gold Fish Bowl - Arche Roughful

Pick Me Pick me says the White Agapanthus -

Soy Fish in Silk Water Storm

Perch-ment, Adapting to local conditions

Rear View Mirror

Blade Runners, Leaf Litter , Clover

Fava write things

Mr Bling does his Dash

Keirle Park, March, 2011, Shadows and my former self

Shower Fittings from the Lake

Clouding Factors

Tea cups gleaming

Days of Smooth Bark

Celery becomes venerable and subs in as Boddhi Tree

Tulips, duplicities of light and phototaxis

Red Ink, Yellow Ink