Sunday Night at Billy Swings, Spit Road, Mosman , Duck Two Ways

Since Dan Dan in Neutral Bay closed its doors I have been on the prowl for a regular, eat here once a week kind of place. Will Billy Swings do it?  The prospect is good, the warm sourdough rolls, the ice-bucket to chill the wine snaffled from the bottle-o three doors down, the amenably delicious  menu.  I might well quote Eddie Lear and say 'We dined on ..pieces of quince ..' . and for two of us, a lovely slice of pork, a puddle of parsnip, this  aside from a certain person who had the home-made gnocchi . Now all I  have to do is get my drawing sorted, and next time remember to  sit on the wall side so I can spy  the rest of the joint. And plan for some room for the Duck Two Ways and the chocolate tart.

Instructions for Duck Two Ways 

1.  Quickly, left, right, pull your head in.
2.  One hand on the table, squat,check out the space, (remove the hand ), duck  under the table.

PS  Their phone number for bookings, which seems to be mysterious to some, is (02) 8068 8338.

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