Dumpling King, Newtown

Can one say 'we have dumpled'?  Newtown is awash with eateries, so it seems, leaving aside the favourite places, easy to try somewhere new. And the idea of a Dumpling King, some soft bodied royal personage, regaled in pleated dough, presiding over stacks of steamer baskets, bowls of noodley broth and sizzling saute pans was persuasive.  There was only one type of dumpling, northern Chinese, a wheat skin with a filling of pork and chives. We had a bamboo stearmer jammed with ten of these, dumpling noodle soup and hand rolled sichuan noodles and a pot of tea. The dumplings were going down fast when I thought perhaps they could benefit from of the prickly spicy heat of the the sichuan meat topping . Delicious. Sichuan can be an out of body experience but this was spicy, prickl , with enought of that slightly numb edge to give  you motivation to chase the slippery diamond chunks of fresh cucumber around the plate without the intensity which might make your taste buds walk out on you. You will not need to avail of the pawnbrokers across the road to go dumpling, as all of this was ridiculously cheap.   Next time I am having exactly the same.

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