Enough to make your ears Keirle - the footy set at Monday training

In my half hour sketch time, the first group to hit the training grounds are the charming younger folk and their diligent and enthusiastic trainers and Dads. As I am packing up the next lot arrive. What has happened that these older boys, saying 'men' would vastly overrate their stage of development, are prone to ugliness?  At my previous visit to Keirle Park , one decided that his bladder was the controlling force of his intellect and micutarated on a tree next to the car park. This was a precedent his team mate could not resist, and he too decided his willy needed an airing.  This week I hear, broadcast loudly, the conversation from the lad who was very shabby apre Saturday' game and  cannot remember much (read black out) after the point when he tipped back six sambucca shots, this being after he has accidentally knocked over a young woman, an event he struggles to recall the details of.   The small boys gleefully running after the ball deserve better examples.

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