Keirle Park, March, 2011, Shadows and my former self

Given that  light takes time even to make the trip from me to the grass of Keirle Park and back up to meet the camera, then I can truly say this is a shadow of my former self. I had, adventurously, trekked across Keirle Park oval and found a weird heavy metal roller, that the rugby/footie, or whatever that game with the pointie ball is called, use to practice with, pushed into the shrubs. I sketched it. The roller was a great rusty relic, with worn blue paint, and strange yellow markings. The sketch was dreadful, cross-wise beams did not meet up, the perspective was off and the bushes were dire daubs. On the way back I noticed my shadow and mercifully, this was crisp and graphic, right up to the top of that eccentric curl near my right ear. That crease is not me going weak at the news but the collage line.

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