Under yon Jonquills - A rare photo of Mavis Eggwhistle

There has been some interest from readers in what Mavis Eggwhistle actually looks like. In general it's tricky to get a photo of Mavis, some say she is camera-shy though her Granny, Hetty Egg, maintains it's because she can't stand still for a single second.  This photo of Mavis was taken when she lost her glasses and consequently could not see that her cousin Betty Lui-Eggwhistle, had climbed up on a ladder and was hiding behind the jonquils.  Betty-Lui has been trying to convince to get a photo of Mavis for months, and Mavis,who thought it was very odd for Betty-Lui to arrive with a step-ladder even though there was not one light bulb blown in the whole shop, was irate. If she had known Betty Lui was so sneaky she would have worn something fancier than her blue jeans and paper white jonquil cardigan.

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