The Eiffel Tower, A Tall Tale from Frank Winkler

Though Bart Brassica does not believe in travelling, or really even holidays, it has been his dream to travel to Paris. That is Paris, Texas, not Paris, France. Paris, France would involve a foreign country, foreign money and a passport - all of  which Bart has an antipathy to. There is also some difficulty about Bart's birth certificate and let's say he's reluctant to even take it to local Post Office in Ringoes to get a certified true copy made.  A while back Frank Winkler told Bart that the Eiffel Tower was the world's tallest barn, which is what set off Bart's interest in Eiffel Towers and towns called Paris. On and off  since then  Bart has been working on a model of what he calls his Eiffel Barn and collecting Eiffel paraphenalia.
Bart was nowhere to be seen over the June long weekend. He had told Mavis Eggwhistle he could  not meet her at Rose's Cafe for cofffee as he was going to Paris (Texas). Yesterday he came up with this holiday snap of himself  to prove it, Mavis being a bit, you might say eggy, about the cold shoulder at Rose's Cafe is unimpressed and said that building in front of the Eiffel Tower doesn't look like Texas anything to her.

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