A Brisket, A Braising - Tender Tendoncies & Fondantions

 The bright spikiness and good form of the Paper Daisies - Helychrysum bracteatum, set out out with sunflowers and two types of jonquils, might be a motto for Billie Swings.  My entree, seared scallops on a thin slice of boudin sausage that gives a balance of sharp fresh sea flavour with the contrapuntal  texture and colour of the boudin, a platform you can load up with the pear puree and nutty sweetness of a walnut praline, means this dish dissappears on the double. Wisely I had kept aside some of the warm sourdough roll to mop up with! 

It might be a girl thing but I seldom order beef when I am out, the slab effect is too, well, slabby. It might have been the celeraic fondant which tipped me over to order the  three kinds of beef, though I am a secret tendon fan, those gluey delicious corners in pork knuckles, so the beef tendon, leaving aside the brisket and sirloin,  alone convinced me. The brisket is perfectly done, nearly too generous a serve I thought, but then I ate the lot, and demolished the right-sized slices of medium rare aged fillet. The celeraic fondant is a lovely foil to the meat.  The complimentary green salad that arrives is well dressed and bright with mint and shreds of red cabbage, reminding me how much I like salad. 

My fellow dinners manage to demolish a pineapple crumble with chantilly cream which they assure me is exactly right. Looking outside, over a picolo latte,  a spectacular mist has rolled in from the north, a large moon rises over Stanton Street apartments, setting all the headlights aglow and magnifying the moon. A perfectly mysterious and closely damp noir-ish mist  to walk home in.

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