If The Fit is Finn - Two Green Shades

Years ago there was a radio show called Adventures in Good Music, which I enjoyed. Now there is Adventure Time, which, while I am not in any way a zealot, I must be a fan.  So, someone in my house says he is planning on a going to a Year 11 Informal Character Party as Finn and can we /I convert the very elegant woven backpack to one just like Finn's? So, I study Finn's, noting the two-tone straps, the two-tone body, its stretchy nature, and the green cover flap.
So, I find fabric and sew, also I velcro.  A vestigial memory of the various uses of bias binding inspires me, so the back straps are a wrap!  Theo sews on the final detail, that telling button. One of my very first friends was, in part, cartoon, so now this looks just right.
I am not sure if I've  over spent on time on this, but right now, I am more inclined to consider it might be an investment.

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