In The Lush - Frank goes Hoe Up

Ever since Frank Winkler heard the rumour that Mr Farmhand had been paid for modelling work by an English gardening magazine, (see A Turnip for the Books) Frank has loitering in various picturesque places and gesticulating madly to get folks to take his picture. The trouble is that, for photographic purposes, Frank is an over-gesticulator, and because of that run-in toasting marshmallows on his hoe (see Rhubartive Moments in Field Work),  his gardening implement is not in any way attractive.  Consequently, some folks have been shouting at him to Get That Hoe Down!, which Frank in is select way of hearing takes as an invitation to party, which as we see here has spurred him on to something of wild dance in the dahlias. Luckily Mr George Loreto was able to take this snap of Frank with his back turned, to avoid Frank sending George a bill for his modeling fee.

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