Holgarised - Increasing the Cartoon Ratio

Well, back at Tanpopo for dinner. This place now feels pretty well like home, except that wonderfully we get excellent Japanese food, that I neither to shop or cook, and nobody asks us into the kitchen to clean up. Last night it was the vegetable gyoza, then grilled King Fish jaw, surely the best cut of fish, with its convoluted anatomy so the firm white flesh is bone-sweet, with a slightly salty crisp skin , and a dish of pork belly, any fat long melted off, in a sweet gingerish soy based sauce with great dabs of mustard on the side and stack of perfectly braised boy choy, along a with the green salad tempts me away from ramen. As a special treat the chef gave us some seared tuna sashimi, with grated ginger and lemon, merely because we are regulars! Before the food came I did this quick sketch of Mr T, working hard on a jumpy jumpy game app.  The sketch is holga-ised, which may be good thing, as I had an ink pen, one pink pencil and one purple pencil, so the colours were, hmm, well, not working. 

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