Piscean Signage - Penny Wise Impoundments @ NGV

The National Gallery of Victoria may have cleverly commissioned this piece in the pool at the front of the Gallery on St Kilda Road.  One might wonder if it is an underwater art tableau, a joke about the silliness of astronomy [So, you're a Water Sign, the caption reads], a satire on the subliminal authority of  curatorial notes and street signs and a comment on global warming and rising tides overtaking our car based culture. Or is it just be a mindless piece of vandalism, though that word vandalism may be unfair on Vandals. In any case, having some text to read, even something as prosaic as "Authorised Vehicles Only" through  the distortions and compartmentalisatons of water and light, seems to amplify that mesmeric effect of both, aided by the glitter of copper and silver coins.

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