Keirle Park. March 2011, Paper Bark Writer

There are days when one wants to look on the wider world
and days when one needs to bring a small piece of it back
and attend to its minutae.  March in Sydney and the paper barks
put forth, a frosshle of white stamen and the scent, to me at least,
of sweet boiled potatoes. This might be irrational but
I find the association persuasive.

On the obligatory walk from Keirle Park to Manly I found this sweet fruiting body of a tree ( woody shrub) I am ashamed to say I have not identified. I've sketched it twice here, and included a sprig of it. The Paper Bark is from Keirle Park.  It seems I might need to document all Keirle Park flora! 14 March 2011.

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