Cunningham Courtyard, Botanic Gardens, Sketching Class

The pathway to the Cunningham Courtyard, tucked away behind the Boabab Tree in the south east corner of the Gardens might be a stage setting for a fashion shoot. The Sabal palm, with its tricky leaves that split to fan in three dimensions does its best to dominate the scene with basket weave geometry, the grass tree swooshing exurburantly in the wind gives it a run for its money and then there is that woman. Let's call her Miss Cunningham.  The cyathea, asplenium and (yes under the grass tree these are) dendrobiums are minor players. I've appropriated the plant sign - which reads, if magnified:


Miss Cunningham

Courting cold she stares,

wardrobe missing? cupboard bare?

A case, again, of nothing to wear.

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