Both Feet on the Ground - Single Hakea

At one time I  had two sets of Stretch Body Parts, from Professor Plums toy shop ( of the science type).
Naturally I wrote a poem about them but I also used them in a number of collage, like in this collage, where they give the painted hakea  uplift.

Stretch Body Parts

I have bought a packet of
stretch body parts, four pieces.
(Professor Plums $2.95)

One unexpected windfall
is they stick.
The pink ear now has
its own wall to listen to.
The nose gives
sudden expression to three
roughs patches of concrete.
The wall looks
like it has just understood
that the last remark was not
at all kind.

The foot is basically not right
too yellow, toes too small
the ankle bulging but the hand
is so real and flexible,
I have opposed all the digits
against the thumb, compared
our chiromantic chances
and noted her thumb nail
needs filing.  Mine too.

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