Orchids Showing Off - As I was going to St Ives

Setting off on Friday to St Ives  Showground for the annual Orchid Show the rain blitzing Wakehurst Parkway in that unpleasant, now-you-see the-road now-you-dont-way, I gave up on the prospect of a pleasant treat and waited to Saturday's better weather.  While the Orchid Show is certainly not drawing the chi-chi crowd I loved the displays, the orchids, the delightfully chatty older ladies on the desk - "Aren't  you Excited ?", one asks, "Oh Yes!" I say, and it's true.  There was actually a display set up with a faux treasure chest, pirates's map, skull and gold coings, the chest filled with orchids. This fellow, large and leering, has not been distorted all that much by the camera angle. While this year's show is over, watch out for next years!

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