Bart Brassica and the Wild-Eyed Pindos Pony

For some time Bart Brassica has nursed the notion that he could turn what he calls the Three Acres Corrall   into either a Dude Ranch or a replica of The Painted Dessert. One of the limitations of having one eye, is that Bart is no judge of distance and the Corrall is not much bigger than a good sized front porch.  Undettered by facts, Bart has been decorating the Corral and trying to convince Hamlet, his Pindos Pony, to climb an old stair case he has installed to a lookout, which is really the barn roof.  And in case you're wondering about his name, Bart called his pony Hamlet, to suggest a rural village, and is a little puzzled when folks start getting all fancy with stage quotes. Hamlet, has his own ideas and wisely refuses to climb up anything Bart has built. Here you can see Hamlet is rolling his eyes, and deciding whether or not he should bite Bart, to speed up his comprehension on the matter of him climbing stairs.

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