Mighty Like a Rose - Mavis Eggwhistle's Tag

Mavis Eggwhistle, as readers might remember, has a flower shop. Mavis has decided to redoctor The Whistle-Stop Floriste, in a edgey urban style but with a floral theme, so she has painted the side wall with pink climbing roses and jonquils, what she calls street art. Her cousin Betty-Lui Whistle has told her it looks more like wrapping paper and consequently Mavis is not speaking to her.
Mavis was worried about doing this this work in watercolour paints - she bought a larged boxed set from Michaels Craft and Art Supermarket but Frank Winkler - who is back in Hunterdon County -  assured her that all art is emphemera and after it rains this will be genuine street art, adding, with a wild flourish of his hoe,"We are all of us in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars".

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