Louring Sky Heightened by Clouds

Late Sunday afternoon, coming out of Art Gallery of NSW, a little heady already from a largish dose of images, the whole kaleidoscopic effect of jamming Margaret Olly on top of Sol del Witt, Christo, Simyrn Gill, Jeff Koons  to say just a few, the dizzy orientation of it slightly countered by a soothing visit to the lady polo players of the Tang dynasty, naturally the sky is that ominous state often called louring - or if you prefer lowering.  The illusion here, or, more precisely over on the ridge more usually called Kings Cross, is amplified as it seems the sky, really the clouds, are almost upon the apartments. These clouds though, accumulate both depth and height, filling up a great swathe of sky ( though that term is usually reserved for vegetation, but why not give the clouds the use of it), so the sky is both towering and lowering.

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