The Leaf Measure Axiom

To Observe Late Afternoon Snow

Take a pair of ski boots, skis and stocks that have been marinating, overday, two feet and two shins until they're tender. Remove skis and stocks, carefully set them aside for another use. Awkwardly measure out your ski-boot steps from the locker to the Village Bus Stop, Route 2.  Arrange that the mini-bus is late, so you have enough time to be properly waiting. Notice, a line of trees behind you, and  that each leaf of snow gum holds as much snow as physics will allow.  Pause to reflect upon the stacking ability of snow's fine crystalline matrixes, how each leaf holds its own measure. For some minutes you will be oblivious of macerated feet and lumpen shins, wind-chaffed skin, wet gloves, tiredness and waiting. You might also observe the axiom that each thing has its own measure of snow.

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