Infra Dig - Two's Company, Four's Annoying

So, while all the folks in Lambertville have been speculating that Bart might have caught Mavis having a very casual coffee with Mr Farmhand, Mavis is mightily miffed that, in actual fact, Bart had asked Mr Farmhand along because he finds his perputual preparedness to dig, even to dig laminex, reassuring.  Now I have to tell you that Mavis's bland and cheery smile in this photo was a complete fake for the photographic purposes only. She was percolatingly peeved at Bart, so much so that she slapped him so hard her arm snapped off completely! This is quite serious for Mavis as she is made of baked Fimo. The question now is will she take the Sticky Tape Cure?

PS If you are wondering about that animal on the right, it it Mr Farmhand's new pet penguin, which he adopted from the Animal Shelter

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