The Art of Reading & All Good Things Must End

When do you stop? That is in the context of when do you stop an exercise that had become something between a habit, an indulgence and a compulsion.  Here is the last  drawing on the last page of the 40 page notebook, which I started on the penultimate day in May with a drawing of Bart Brassica, and then shortly after took up the Robert Capa Prussian Blue Project. Not all the drawings have been blogged - some are too busy, the odd landscape orientation by and large fails, there are some ring ins, Brussels sprouts, beagles  and a tap. I am still not tired of Capa.  This fellow here, with his close study of the page, his angled foot exuding enjoyment, his shadow impastoed to the page might well be any diligent reader, such as oneself.

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