Grey is the New Black - Lunch Scene at Tan Popo

Saturday lunch we beetled over to Tan Popo for Chai-Su Ramen and a Bento Box. The place was a-bustle with lunchers, except for one small member of the party - partly sketched in here - who had fallen asleep, Thomas the Tank Engine trainers little blue and red confections on his small feet. All the adults were wearing grey, black, or gray-green.Thank goodness for coloured hair elastics I say.  The perspective and allocation of space here has gone badly astray, I must work on ratios ( repeat x 20) . On the other hand lunch was entirely successful, the sashimi sparklingly fresh and the pork belly managing to be both crisp and tender, though it might be churlish to single them out as even the small piece of pickled radish, with its fine cross cut of near-floral filaments was delicious.

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