Mysterious Mr Brassica shaped space found

As constant readers will know, Bart Brassica has a peculiar colourised shadow (see the Colourised Shadow post ). A recently discovered snap taken from the Marlborough Hotel outside of Cooma, NSW, shows a dark  Bart Brassica shaped space has taken up residence on the verandah that looks out over the nearby hills and telegraph poles. There is a theory doing the rounds in Lambertville that Bart got entirely  pie-eyed on fermented beet pickle one night and had such an argument with his shadow, it being the only thing would ordinarily hang around once Bart got started on fermented beet pickle, that the shadow upped and left him. Rumours are the shadow stowed away in a box of vintage farm animals that were purchased on Ebay and subsequently shipped to Australia, where the shadow has stayed ever since, preferring his more definite self that the stronger light allows.

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