Three Cheers for the White Rabbit (Gallery that is)

Last weekend I visited the White Rabbit in Balfour Street, Chippendale, a private collection of contemporary Chinese art, installed (sounds like a washing machine but I think this might be the right lingo) in a pleasingly vertical and horizontal space in a converted knitting factory,  that is very kindly made open to the public by the largesse of Kerr and Judith Neilson.  ( long sentence hey!)  Verry Interesting , I will be going back.  I did this card a while ago as a prop for a collage with White Rabbit lollies and my visit reminded me that the rabbit in this case looks a little sinister.

PS Yesterday I was a little presumptuous and introduced myself to a person, Liz,  who was sketching fantastic things  in a cafe in Crows Nest, she has a great blog full of wonderful urban sketches which is very much worth a visit.

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