I saw the preview of Cherie Nowlan's Clubland last night. This is life as a comedy reverse parking in a smash- the -rear- view- mirror- off style into tragedy. In a strange way Clubland is a bit like what Jane Austen might write now, the intense meetings of two families and the foibles of an aggrandizing parent, the way the plot unfolds from the characters being brought to the boil.

One of the best bits for me were the visuals. The house with its above ground pool , complete with exposed plumbing and lattice screening - and inside, where we squeeze around corners and through the kitchen hutch are pre- loaded site gags . When Jean's floral t-shirt segues into the patterned bedroom wallpaper blend I had one of those ooh oohh experiences, it works as this wonderful visual metaphor that she accepts she does not have to be centre stage. This reminded me of how Tilda Swinton’s eye colour changed to match the period in Orlando. The scene where Khan and Emma are both po faced in the truck wearing matching insignia shirts is also very wry. And the script is funny.

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