Tea, Set and Match, Way Past the Paleo

The time for diets, sugar-free, dairy don't shows, gluten goners, caffeine can'ters,  is not Easter at my home.  A few days of prep, pastry and  fillings made for empanadas, the saffron aioli and just picked parsley put to work in chicken sandwich fillings, lemon curd set and whipped cream peaked into soft clouds ready for that double layer, meringue topped pound cake, the lemon hero of the day,  alfojores jammed together with coconut spread,  a silky ricotta cake pretending to be humble, points of watermelon standing to attention,  the smoked  trout pate basking in a terrine once owned by Elizabeth David, savoury potato foccacio plated, and coupe of chocolate eggs, a  hutch of chocolate bunnies and cups and cups and cups. Full cream tea ahead!

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