Cuban Cars - Film Noir in Colour

Window screens like this are hard to find

Just add Lauren Bacall
Taxi Rank in Havana- NB Horse and Cart on the righ
Why every second driver needs to a be a mechanic - the ubiquitious break downs

The start of a random snap-a-thon in front of the Teatro Nacional de Cuba

About five seconds later -
It's hard to stop feeling surprised by Cuba's car fleet,   the feeling is you've walked into a colourised movie set from the 1950's, slightly anachronistic as all the walk-ons are wearing fluoro lyrca, and while some of the cars are decked out in shiny candy coloured paint jobs, others are complete bombs, broken lights, puttied up panels, coughing out  grey smoke or, frequently, breaking down.  One taxi driver told us he got 10kms to the litre of petrol, and it might have been my Spanish but the words 'unleaded' and 'catalytic converter' seemed meaningless.

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