24, 25, 26....

In an inexplicble trifecta effect, MTC Cronin, the guest editor of the next issue of Cordite, has selected two of my poems in all Innocence - that being the theme of Issue 26 and the anonymous submission selection method.

The last two of Cordite's guest editors, Clair Gaskin and alicia sometimes, also gave me the editors tick. Very mysterious but pleasing. You can check out Dispossesion in Cordite 25 and Party Platform in Cordite24.

Other work soon to be hatched to the public is a spoken word piece called Bambi-raptor, which will be out in the next Double CD Issue 25 of Going Down Swinging . Some one in my house assures me Bambi-raptor proves I in the grip of a mental disorder - so listen carefully.

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