Poetica - Fishing in the Devonian on Radio National

Radio National are featuring my science-based poems in their Poetica program of as part National Science Week. The program went to air at 3pm Saturday 16th August 2008 and will be replayed 3.05pm Thursday 21st August. You can also listen online at Poetica.

The program is a very cool kind of pre-quel to the launch of my book Fishing in the Devonian, which will be published in September this year by Puncher and Wattmann.

My thanks and appreciation to Producer Anna Messariti , Presenter Mike Ladd, Actors Penny Hackforth-Jones, Peter Kovitz and Daniel Smith, and Sound Engineers Judy Rapley and Andrei Shabunov.

Thanks to a whole load of musicians for the sound track, in particular Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupuynu whose incredibly beautiful voice and music can be heard in the song Djarrimirri which introduces the poem Kulin Seasons.

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