Rhubarbative Moments in field work in New Jersey

In the worst rush of the rhubarb season Mr Farmhand sometimes teams up with his cousin, Frank Winkler.  Their granny, Hetty Winkler The Third,  knows why these boys have an uncanny likeness to each other, but she is not saying. 
 Frank W. has a penchant for Redhead Matches on which account he is seldom hired by folks who have barns full of straw or hayricks unattended.  Mavis  Eggwhistle says Frank is  his own worst hindrance and he should never have toasted marshmallows on his plastic hoe, even if it did start out life with a wood-grain finish.  Still, if there is a bumper crop of rhubarb flowers to hoe, such as Miss Ingrid Periz who, for insurance purposes,  photographed them here at work in her New Jersey kitchen garden, you could do worse than the Farmhand cousins for hired help.

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