The Baby Blizzard Blues - Standing Outside of Parenthood - Episode 3 of In the Ponderings

Farmer Bart Brassica is mostly so completely subsumed in the process of agricultural reproduction that he gives scant consideration to the idea of asking anyone out on a date let alone the prospect of procreation and Little Brassicas. However, a stray comment by Mavis Eggwhistle came back to him when he had quite a bit of time under water to review the major events in his life after he fell out of the Frank Winkler's dinghy into the pond (See Episode 1 of  In the Ponderings  and Episode 2).

It may have been that the green algal quality of pond water that infiltrated into more than Barts' bucket and overalls but since then he has had recurrent visions of a green baby Brassica, the scale of which suggests that Bart is not entirely convinced parenthood would be a good thing for  him.

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