Barn Story - Owls well that ends well?

For a while Bart Brassica has considered various ways to wisdom,  and being a practical farmer, it has to combine with his agricultural pursuits. With this in mind Bart has invested in what was described in the classified column of Poultry World magazine as a genuine Milk Chocolate Barn Owl. Bart was thinking that Milk Chocolate would be decent kind of colour, and if the bird turned out to be manageable, he would buy a second and commence a sideline in farmed Barn Owls.  Mavis, who had optimistically came to visit Brassica Farm  after hearing from the postman that a large parcel  from The House of Chocolate had arrived,  has clucked at Bart, and left directly, saying he needs to get his eye checked. Come the next hot day, Bart's view of the Owl may wise up, unless the mice get in first.

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