Double Page Race or Balmoral Baths by Night

Yesterday was my birthday, and being a pesky restaurant closed Monday night, local options were reduced. So, twilight found us walking into Public Dining, with its charming view over Balmoral Baths. Firstly, I told myself not to make a double page sketch, they shrink too much on posting.But then beefore I know it the line of sand had make it over the page, like milk on the boil.  While I was distracted by the very good entree of grilled scallops, with crispy bacon and pureed cauliflower, night was coming on dark and fast, leaching out colour so this sketch became more race than drawing.  I had Spanish seafood stew - called something like soubriquet of Catalonia - which was good but I had some reservations about the potato in it. On consideration it seemed the stock was made with shell fish - lobster perhaps? - that were not in the soubriquet ( yes, I know, wrong but right word) . The single chocolate truffle for dessert, garnished with happy birthday was charming.

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