The Brassica Plot Thickens

As many of you will now be sadly all too aware of, Bart Brassica has gone AWOL, which Mavis Eggwhistle says stands for Absent With Out Leaving a Note. This leaves the Brassica Farm in a Predicament, most of the farm animals followed the literary tradition they know from Animal Farm and Charlotte's Webb, and set up a committee, which in their case has formed a Search Party and Base Camp, see the last episode. 

All this is well and good, says Mr Farmhand, [leaving aside that the horses have ordered ordered two cases of beer from the local liquor shop by ringing up and impersonating Bart, explaining to the other animals by saying 'Hey come on, it's a party.'] but says Mr Farmhand, 'Bart or No Bart, things need hoeing.' This has cheered the horses and other animals up substantially, and the word has gone out on the Range that it's a Hoe Down and they expect a Jug Band or at least Two Fiddlers and Spoonerism to arrive at any moment.
Thanks to Ms Ingrid Periz for nipping in and getting this photograph. 

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