Cloud Storage - The Plain Facts of Going, Going, Gone

While it serves no purpose, though that raises the spectre of what would rate as proper purpose, Mavis Eggwhistle, who like all the other folk in Lambertville and  Ringoes, has not seen Bart Brassica since January, has been rifling through old photos and found this one of Bart, taken one night when Bart was either guarding his prize crop of over-sized hearts-ease or putting together a floral valentine. This latter idea is entirely Mavis's, a fancy induced by how quickly the past fuzzes up into a jigsaw of missing pieces. Right now she is starting to imagine that Bart Brassica, or even herself, might be a figment, a complex fictitious folly. Granny  Egg has advised Mavis to stop reading So Crates and start eating proper suppers.

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