Cossie Drama Hits the Rails - Missives to Aqua Alpine Part 4

 Readers may remember that they last time we heard of the Aqua Alpine Cossie Drama Saga was when Lady Murasaki wrote demanding the return of two of her characters.

Since then the following missive has arrived from a hybrid character, Ojii-San Tank Engine , who also sent this selfie.

Dear General Mai Hem,

The consequences of the action of your departed archer are of no relation to I. Last I heard the LOTR costume department was giving him a hard time - 'no, no, even with a life devoted to archery, your shoes suck!'. I pity the man.  He even attempted to persuade them with information on the whereabouts of two characters from a previous set who are still MIA> They didn't have any of it, muttering to each other how easy it was to get a Jenga piece actor these days,

Ojii-San Tank Engine

It might not be rocket science but  I think Oji-San Tank E might be a a non de plume, with a sly reference to Stephenson's famous tanka series of poems in praise of steam.

Also see Parts One and Two

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